"As licensed German architects and knowledge leaders we have a natural passion to develop creative ideas and collaborate with reliable partners that value design, craftmanship and sustainability!"



Throughout all project stages, we act as key communication bridge between stakeholders, local end-users and all participating project partners. Preparation and execution of milestone meetings, compliance checks and formal audits, as well as all related formal progress documentation, are all handled by Florian Meuser himself. His meticulous, solution-focused reporting style will keep you informed on the progress, budget and potential project risks in real time.

Technologies, trends and market dynamics are constantly evolving, making real estate projects increasingly more complex. We like to take the time to align all expectations with stakeholders and end-users at the early stages of a project. This allows for us to correctly perform due diligence and uncover any change-related matters during consulting workshops. Our clients benefit from a fully transparent work-scope, one in which we oversee carefully as the project is brought to life.

The rapid development of technology and concurrent change of social behaviours are disrupting the traditional use of working, living and public spaces. As architects and designers, we feel very motivated to develop innovative, progressive and sustainable ideas to meet the demands of modern society. Our passion for workplace strategy and retail concepts have become the main key pillars of our overall design ideation.

Post schematic design, the detail design development stage begins. We often collaborate with affiliated design companies to expediate larger-scale projects. The deliverables include all detail drawings for contractors to build the project, prototypes and 3D visualizations. We personally supervise the entire design process, facilitate statutory approvals and guarantee compliant design outcomes that meet the local building codes and health & safety standards.


"Never compromising on highest quality outcomes, we aim to deliver projects above expectations and guarantee cost-effective, consistent and compliant project results!"



At Meuser, we are meticulous at making sure your project goes to plan. We conduct compliant tender processes and balance selection of contractors, consultants and suppliers against quality, lead time and budget. This integrated approach is part of our effective program management practice that ensures reliable supply chains and consistency across multiple locations. We can further negotiate higher discounts with international suppliers and hold a trading license to take on related logistic and import procedures.

Minimizing financial risks and delivering projects within agreed budgets is crucial for the success of a project. Without compromising on quality results, we consult clients throughout all cost control stages from pre-contractual cost estimation and cost calculation to actual cost determination after project finalization. During the process we also manage cash flows and advise on any cost-saving potentials through value engineering and local product and material solutions.

Based on different project circumstances, a master schedule suggests durations of individual design, procurement and construction sequences and their dependencies. Actual versus planned dates are tracked to review project status and reveal any potential construction delays and time-saving potentials at any time. We closely monitor the critical path consisting of the longest sequence of activities from project start to finish that must be completed to ensure the project is finished by a given deadline.

Our hands-on and quality assurance covers policies, processes and procedures to monitor the delivery of quality results from design, development, production and installation in line with agreed scope, environmental, statutory and health & safety standards. This approach allows us to identify and solve any quality risks as early as possible and minimize the number of defects before construction completion. An effective quality control system is an essential tool to delivery projects on time and within budget.


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