"As local brand ambassador we establish your brand in Asia and strategise with you on adapting your value proposition to the local markets and set the foundation for long-term revenue growth!"



The expertise here at Meuser comes from a unique combination of European accreditation and Asian market knowledge. Through our diverse industry experience and our trusted reputation, we foster sales excellence and best practice for our clients from various industries across Asia Pacific. From assisting in the incorporation of your regional headquarter in Singapore, through to managing your daily on-the-ground operational matters as local brand ambassador, we are here to provide the best possible regional presence for your company.

For established brands looking to start their journey in the Asian Market, the team at Meuser provide a sounding board for you to openly communicate your current brand positioning and its future needs. This includes your overall vision, global strategy and company culture, as well as your core strengths and weaknesses. We then collate and tailor this information to adapt your business to an ideal market-entry approach, creating a game-plan around important initiation steps such as your capital investment and the required support functions.

We always strive to retain and further strengthen the continuity of your business through research-driven, go-to-market and growth strategies that are customised to suit your brand and portfolio. Through thorough understanding of Asian market dynamics, competitor landscapes and evolving technology trends, we consider all company nuances, challenges and potentials for positive growth as we enter your brand into the Asian market.

With long-term visions in mind, our team is fully focused on creating a defining strategic plan based solely around adapting your brand and its products to the Asian market. Together, we structure clear and realistic geographical expansion plans that focus on suitable sales distribution channels, team growth and local marketing activities. Expanding local production of selected products for blended B2B & B2C environments is crucial in an increasingly cost-conscious Asian market landscape that expects high quality products with short lead times at attractive price points.


"Our deep understanding of cultural diversity in Asia and trusted network of industry leaders enables us to identify suitable partners and people to successfully scale up your sales performance!"



Your success in Asia highly depends on its ecosystem of strategic alliance. Over the years we have built up a reliable database of distributors, designers, key influencers and knowledge-sharing partners that we can tap into to help expand your professional network. Our engagements with these partners include contract negotiations, technical training, hands-on sales support and cross-marketing support.

Once the strategic course for success is set, the focus will be widened by attracting and retaining passionate and highly motivated talent. We will assist in educating best-fit talent to identify themselves with the brand values and dynamic work-life culture. Our human-centric and results-focused leadership style includes recruitment, training and mentoring the chosen team members. As high performers are invaluable to any business, we aim to attract the most talented people in the industry and empower them as their roles evolve.

Today’s younger generation are entering the work force as digital natives, allowing them to easily adapt to technology trends and automated business systems. Automation and IT system integration is a prime area for growth acceleration. It expedites decision-making processes and ties global organizations closer together. We advise you on effective communication solutions to foster virtual collaboration between remote teams, eliminating silo mentalities.

Depending on your various sales channels, we actively engage with your target groups, participate in industry-related networking events and position your brand to local design communities, corporate end-users and real estate developers. In order to strengthen existing client relationships and drive product and service consistency across the region, we utilize our expertise in customising key account programs to result in long-term revenue growth.


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