Value Proposition

Meuser Consulting Pte Ltd is a multi-disciplinary firm that has recently extended its service portfolio and transferred its business operations from Hong Kong (Meuser Architects Ltd) to Singapore in 2018.

We help international brands of the creative industry enter and grow within the Asian market. For our customers we leverage our profound market knowledge and advise on strategic aspects of building up a successful sales organization. Our services and commitments within the field of Brand Strategy are based on mutual exclusivity.

We further support our customers throughout the entire process of their corporate real estate and commercial retail expansion in Asia. Our scope covers core Project Management services reaching from conceptual design, workplace strategy to innovative cloud-based project controls during the implementation stage.

Asian projects are strategically managed from Singapore and our affiliate office Meuser Architekten GmbH in Berlin can support our regional project activities depending on scope, project location and workload.


“Florian works in Singapore at the interface of promoting your brand in Asia and fulfilling your real estate vision within this growing market!”