Due to changing market dynamics, trends and ever-evolving technology real estate project are becoming more complex and it is very crucial to align expectations with all stakeholders as early as possible. Through our industry network we organize client workshops to various topics, such as workplace strategy, change management, well-being and human aspects of behaviors, satisfaction and efficiency.

Our clients can benefit from a broader range of aspects to incorporate into their project brief before we start transforming their goals into build environments.

Contemporary working landscapes are constantly evolving, and the rapid development of communication technology and artificial intelligence involves new social behaviors, collaboration approaches and work skills and as a result disrupt the traditional purpose of office spaces. Over the past years we have enhanced our passion for workplace strategy which forms a key pillar within our overall concept design expertise.

Appointing qualified general contractors, designers and suppliers are key for any project success. We conduct formal and transparent tendering processes to assist in the selection of architects and specialists as well as in the procurement of vendors for sustainable materials, furniture, lighting and flooring.  An integrated project approach is guaranteed as we closely work with the designers during concept stage and accompany the design development until project completion.


Our on-site Quality Management system ensures compliant applications of confirmed design decisions and helps contractors deliver high-quality construction results in line with agreed scope, construction quality, statutory, safety and environmental standards.

Delivering projects within agreed budgets is important, therefore we accompany our customers in all cost control stages from pre-contractual cost estimation to the determination of actual cost and weigh cost-saving potentials against quality reduction risks during the entire project process.

Based on various project circumstances we fix durations and dependencies of key construction sequences and develop detailed and effective timelines. Actual versus planned dates are tracked to regularly review project status and reveal any potential construction delays and time-saving potentials as early as possible.


Throughout all project stages we act as key communication bridge between our customer and all participating parties. Our responsibility includes the preparation, execution and post-analysis of kick-off meetings, key project meetings and regular site monitoring inspections. This hands-on involvement allows consistent communication towards our customers.

Our meticulous and cloud-based reporting and documentation style keeps our client constantly informed about site progress, design compliance, achievement of milestones, budgets and potential project risks. Solution-focused reports to quality, programming and cost controls are made available to monitor all project related matters from anywhere at all times.

In order to guarantee brand compliance in regards to design and quality we conduct formal brand audits after project completion. During follow-up workshops we share our analysis and lessons learnt experiences distilled from pilot project to be considered in future assignments.

“Florian manages your real estate goals in Asia and guarantees compliant, consistent and sustainable project results!”

“Florian creates a new customer experience and supports other Project Managers in case of resource short falls, service improvements and project recoveries!”